As Per Is : 303:1989

Mr Grade Plywood

Swadesh MR grade plywood is a moisture resistant interior grade plywood, manufactured using hard and semi-hard species of timber, bonded with melamine Formaldehyde (MF) Synthetic resin as per IS:848:1974. The above combination passes through EC EP technology giving them 2 extra protection against various micro-organisms.


It in bonded with high quality synthetic MF resin, which makes it moisture/water resistant.
It is a of superior quality commercial plywood, suitable for all inferior applications, where durability and economy are equally important.
Thickness : 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm
Standard sizes (ft) : 8’X4′, 8’X3′, 7’X4′, 7’X3′, 6’X4′, 6’X3′

Sl. No. Test Prescribed in IS:303-1993 Minimum Value for Conformity Observed Value
Glue Shear Strength (In dry state)

Avg. 1000 N
Min. Ind 800 N

1180 N
920 N


Glue Shear Strength (in wet state)

Avg. 800 N
Min. Ind. 650 N

1215 N
740 N


Mycological test

Avg. 800 N
Min. Ind. 650 N

890 N
708 N


Moisture Content

Not less than 5%
Not more than 15%


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