As Per Is : 710 : 1976

Gold Bwp Grade Plywood

Swadesh Gold BWP grade plywood is a preservative treated, water proof plywood, manufactured from 100% full grown hardwood timber and bonded with BWP type Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic resin adhesive as per IS : 848 : 1974. The result of this combination is high quality plywood that achieves boiling water, cold water, climate variations and highly resistant to borer and termite attacks.


Resistant to boiling water, dry heat, termite, insects and pests.
Remains unaffected in spite of changing weather conditions.
Idea for application in semi-exterior usage.
Thickness : 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm
Standard sizes (ft) : 8’X4′, 8’X3′, 7’X4′, 7’X3′, 6’X4′, 6’X3′

Sl. No. Test Prescribed in IS:303-1993 Minimum Value for Conformity Observed Value
Glue Shear Strength (In dry state)
Avg. 1350 N Min. Ind 1100 N
1485 N 3220 N
Glue Shear Strength (in wet state)
Min. Ind 1100 N Avg. 1000 N Min. Ind. 800 N
3220 N 1215 N 980 N
Resistance to microorganisms
Avg. 1000 N Min. Ind 800 N
1180 N 1020 N
Moisture Content Test
Not less than 5% Not more than 15%

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